Winds of change.

The time has come to once again impliment changes to this website that noone visits.   Why?   Why not!   I implimented some basic HTML5 about seven years ago, but never made it accessable on the main page.   Now that no one has seen it, I feel it's time to freshen it up!

Removed outdated header links.   Removed background image.

As always, stay tuned to see what does (or doesn't) happen.

Website now legal...

Amazingly this website has turned 21 years old! Not bad considering it only gets updated once every 5 years, or so. In fact, the anniversery was actually back in April, but who's counting a few months.

In related news, I posted recently (below) about the addition of certain external links. Well, it seems I jumped the gun with those posts. The link was added, just haven't gotten around to adding the actual site to which it should link! Stay tuned for further updates on this matter.

Website rewrite!

Converted site to HTML5/CSS3.

Added Google+ and Blogspot links.

more changes to come...

Website cleanup.

Cleaned up web site, main page, and added Github link